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Tether Race Car Association of Australia

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Class V Tether cars are the elite. They are the biggest and fastest of all our classes. As you can see from the above pictures they are as streamlined as we can get. The cars weigh up to a maximum of 3.130 kilograms and are roughly 76 centimeters in length. All components are mounted in the cast alloy chassis and enclosed by a fibreglass or carbon body.
The cars are powered by a 10cc 2 stroke engine with a tuned pipe. The power is transferred through the driveline to the rear axle and finally to the ground with solid rubber tyres. These cars have sprung front and rear axles to ensure the wheels spend most of their time on the ground. You can also see at the rear is a wheelie bar so they don't stand the nose up.



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Click Icon to hear a Class IV in full flight.


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